Niklaus Mikaelson

Klaus for short


Whisper Gnome Barb/Rogue 1
HP: 16
Str: 16 (18) BAB: 1
Con 18 (16) Fort: 2
Dex: 17 (15) Will: 0
Wis: 13 Ref: 0
Int: 16
Cha: 12 (14)

Lance, Bastard Sword (Small), Studded Leather


Description: Klaus has blond parted hair, with a messy blond beard to fit, he wears a blue robe around his waist as a family heirloom past down from his family for generations. He wears a red pattern robe over his studded leather amour; he wears various jewellery whatever he can find ranging from necklaces to toe rings. He holds his lance as a walking stick and has a small bastard sword on his back.

Niklaus Mikaelson

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